3D & Houdini Generalist

I’m a driven artist with a passion for pushing visual boundaries. With a degree in Computer Graphic Arts from The Animation Workshop and two years of professional experience at studios like Important Looking Pirates and SauvageTV, I thrive on optimizing workflows and collaborating with others.

Beyond work, I love exploring different cultures through travel and enjoy hands-on DIY projects. Whether on screen or in nature, I’m constantly seeking inspiration to fuel my creativity.


Modelling – Sculpting – Texturing & Shading – Grooming – Lighting & Rendering – Set-dressing – Compositing – Simulation


I had the privilege of working closely with Gustav at ILP along the years, and I can’t recommend him enough for doing a great job. He’s easy to work with, possesses great efficiency, problem-solving skills, and a genuine kindness that sets him apart. If you are looking for a talented Lighting/Generalist Artist with a solid Houdini knowledge, then I have no doubt he will be a great addition to your team. I really hope to work with him again soon.

I’ve been working with Gustav on several projects at ILP and he has always been a great artist in the team! He is really easy to work with and really efficient on a wide range of tasks! On top of that he is always in a good mood and always here for a nice chat!
I hope to work with you soon again Gustav!!